“ನನ್ನ ತಮ್ಮ ಶಂಕರ” (My Brother Shankar) – A biography of Shankarnag

I just read the book “ನನ್ನ ತಮ್ಮ ಶಂಕರ” (My brother Shankar) a biography of Shankar Nag written and narrated by his brother Anant Nag. I have always been fascinated by Shankar Nag but never had a chance to get an  insight into his short but great life period until I read ‘My brother Shankar’. Not a surprise that lakhs of people even today worship Shankar Nag as a personality worth emulating. Not because he is an actor, Shankar became common man’s hero just cause of his simplicity, his restlessness, big power dreams, ideas and projects for societal development and for being close to common man in real life and his portrayal of real life characters in various movies.

In a short span of 36 years that he lived Shankar Nag reached a height which will remain unattainable for years to come.

You step out of your home in Bangalore and you will see an Auto or a Cab with Shankar Nag’s photo.  Majority of Auto stands in Bangalore are named after Shankar Nag – a tribute for his portrayal of an auto driver in the movie Auto Raja.

An entire generation grew up watching his films, hearing about stories of his life and his tragic death. But Shankar Nag still remains as a mystery for many of us. The book is a descent attempt by Ananth Nag to reveal the life and dreams of his much celebrated brother.

Below passage sheds enough light about Shankar Nag’s thought process and his big dreams.

Narrator – Anantnag.

Shankar had a big idea in his mind. A huge project comprising many projects:

 ‘If you consider the Studio, farm house and dairy projects we didn’t get anticipated results. But we shouldn’t lose heart, we have to move on. This is what it takes to get success. Diversification!!

We should consider 4-5 projects at a time. If one fails, there will be another. All of them can’t fail. One project will be a supplement to the other, they won’t result any harm to each other.

  1. First of all a country club – Let’s start a country club in our farm. Let’s take a loan and make arrangements to provide all the facilities of a club, and let’s advertise it. Thousands of people from foreign countries have come to Bangalore. They have money to spend. All the leading clubs are having waiting lists for memberships. It’s not so easy to get a membership. There are no places in and around Bangalore which would provide modern day entertainment to people. Moreover there are not enough good places to hang out with family. We will definitely get support.
    We both have earned the trust. Let’s see what we can do.

  2. We visited one in Canada, do you remember? Amusement  Park!
    Let’s start a similar one near Nandi Hill Base. Different Kinds of amusements, games, toys, garden, food court – A huge picnic spot. Thousands of people would come with their families, friends and kids.
    To add color to that, there has to be a rope way from Nandi base to Nandi hill with lower ticket charges for children and slightly higher amount for adults. Lakhs of people will come from neighboring states, from other parts of country and from foreign as well. They would definitely be amused by our achievement and would be proud of Indians.
    There is one more hill near Nandi. That hill would be altered to resemble the Chamundi Hill of
    Mysore by laying proper roads. On top of the hill a five star hotel should be built. Off course this would only be for rich people. But think about the revenue it would earn for government.

  3. There is a German technology to manufacture bricks. Those bricks are made using a mixture of chemical compounds and they last for long. Specialty is that there is no electricity required to manufacture the bricks. The brick factories use the wind mills and wind energy.  Because of this fact, the bricks would be made available at a very cheap rate and they would definitely help the middle class and lower middle class people to build their dream homes.

  4. There is an Austrian technology using which houses can be built with pre fabricated sheets. A machine manufactures these sheets, several thousand sheets per day. Houses could be built in mass scale – like a thousand houses per month. They offer good resistance against wind, rain and earthquake and have a life time of 50 years.
    A house with a bedroom, hall, kitchen and bathrooms would be made available for Rs 45000. The project would help millions of people who currently reside in slums; it would also help in eradication of slums.

  5. Ready wear garment factories: through which employment opportunities to thousands of people, export of manufactured garments, foreign exchange which would result in tax free national income.

  6. Reconsideration of BangaloreMetro Rail Project which is in sidelines for many a years.

Shankar said all these in a breath and turned towards the air hostess and said “Two doubles please”
I didn’t speak a word. I was reluctant to break his thought process. I had my own sets of doubts but still I was wondered by Shankar’s ideas and thoughts.

Upon receiving the ordered drink, Shankar said – “Cheers brother”.

“Cheers man”

“Why are you not speaking?”

“Plan is fabulous Shankar…” 

“Stop, don’t say anything more. Just be with me. I will do the driving”

I gazed at him as if he was a stranger.

“What are you staring at?”

“Nothing, of course I am with you Shankar”.

Pick a copy of “ನನ್ನ ತಮ್ಮ ಶಂಕರ”, though the narration seems slow and rickety at places, sure will it offer an interesting read, inspiring as well.


58 thoughts on ““ನನ್ನ ತಮ್ಮ ಶಂಕರ” (My Brother Shankar) – A biography of Shankarnag

    1. hi deepika i wants to read “ನನ್ನ ತಮ್ಮ ಶಂಕರ” biography of shankar nag can u please send me the weblink of pdf document where i can able to download it & read

    2. Mahesh.N

      I never seen in my life such an amazing person of Shankar Nag and his a great honourable person to the industry.
      We should thank full to him for providing Advanced ideas to the people .

      1. prashanth shankar

        do u have the book
        or u searched through the online if u have searched through th online can u send the link

  1. rajesh

    plzzzzzzzz read it, and makw his dreams come true, we r young generation we shul make our country has a wonderful country…

  2. raghavendra sv

    shankar anna i miss u lot ,when ever i remember u i wil get tears on my eyes,love u lot forever and ever missssssssssssssssss u ,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Kumuda

    I picked up this book last week end 12th August 2012,started reading it on 18th Aug 2012. Finished reading it just now ,19th Aug @ 2:00 PM! Imagine i could not stop reading until i finished it…..Shankarnag was ahead of times in his work,thinking..in every walk of his life. We are not lucky to have him with us!It was a good narration by Anatnag.

  4. nikitha

    shankar anna you are a true role model to all such young generation………… thanks for giving such a great teleserial malgudi days………..
    seriously i miss u a lot……. plz read this book and make worth in your life………..

  5. Appu

    Hi Shankaranna, u r being such a great person still their is no repect from the govenment side…what a silly government it is..We will try to make ur dreams successfull atleast by forwarding it

  6. N Vedakumar

    love you shankar anna i miss you lot.. ur the legend of kannada industry
    ..Nivu Nammanu Bittu hodru nimma nenapu sada namma hrudayadalli
    eruttira yakendre kala devaru nivu. ANNA MATTE HUTTI BHA

  7. Babu u.l

    Shankaranna obba kalaavidha alla kalege devaru ha devarannu kaledu kondu bari chitrarangavalla navu tabbali yagiddivi mathe hutti baruttare hendu nanage nambike ide

  8. nagaraj.premier@gmail.com

    he is truly legendery ……… there is no more doubt. his walking style, exceptional vocal, its awesome. you can imagine…. of police inspector unifom with shankar nag …… iam great fan of him… when i saw my childwood first moovie sp sangliana. also he is ideal man for auto drivers, by auto raja moovie…. matte hutti baaaaaaa.{nagaraj +919611073625}

  9. raghu

    shankaranna is a great person to introduce the kannada filam ,, like he has worked around 12 years , still he have a crores to gether fans ,, so plz try to come once agin to the earth ,,

  10. nagaraj yadav

    shankarnag is real perishable legend of Kannada cinema industry……………….Iam really mad about him………….

    please reborn Shankara nag …… hands off you………………………………… people are remember you lots………………

  11. Ravi.RS

    My Role Model is a Shanker Nag, I am Big fan of Shanker anna,He is multitasking person,he is inspiration person for all young people, his estimation was very interesrting,his acting was real….his life styled was more impact on all leves people,,,,,, He was very very simple person,,,,,,,Superb…………….Hi Shanker Bro born again to karnataka,,,,,,,, your values was very very gooddddd…………


    i treat u as god in my life shankaranna we r young we try and try to make ur dreams come true n ur blessing shld be there fr ever shankaranna though i cant remember sun and moon but i always remember u and i worship u as godddddddddddd shankaranna .nivu yale idru karnatakake mathe hutti banniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  13. Santhosh Nayaka

    “Shankar Nag”, his name shines till the sun shines in the universe. I will always pray for re-born of ‘Shankar Nag’ in Karnataka again.

  14. Mahesh Raj

    Ever Green Hero of Kannad Film Industires. No One is There, No Will Born again in the Future… He is the God of Auto…..

  15. MANU


  16. Deepak m badiger

    Mr Shankarnag is ‘Vivekanda of karna taka’, avaru ega iddire, surely mr narendra modi would have joined him in his team to develoup our nation. Hats off to shankar naag. He will be always with us.

  17. shridhara

    I reayl miss you Anna nivu nam edha duro age 25 years adru egalu abhimanigala hrudayadali nim nenapu hachha asiragedhe eliya varigu sandalwood eruthu Ali thanaka nim nenapu sadha eruthi I am big fan shakarnna

    1. Harsha D Gangol

      ” THE GREAT LEGENDRY PERSON & kind hearted human being .Unbeatable great future planner” I LOVE U Dr||SHANKARNAG “”THE LEGEND KANNADIGA””

  18. Harsha D Gangol

    ” THE GREAT LEGENDRY PERSON & kind hearted human being .Unbeatable great future planner I LOVE U Dr||SHANKARNAG

  19. Harsha D Gangol

    ” THE GREAT LEGENDRY PERSON & kind hearted human being .Unbeatable great future planner” I LOVE U Dr||SHANKARNAG “”THE LEGEND KANNADIGA””

  20. Anil Kumar L

    “SHANKARNAG” a name which,

    has power to inspire
    makes us proud
    makes us to think about our state and country
    teaches simplicity
    teaches innovativeness
    makes us to think big.

    Anna e bhoomi iruva varegu nimma hesaru irute, anna naan iruva varegu nimma nenapu idde iruthe.

  21. Raghavendra

    what a man shankar nag? i miss you Anna what a acting and Director . Malgudi days Direction nivu madidatre . nivu evattu edare Bollywood ge samanage namma kannada Cinimana madatidare


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